**Warning - Graphic Picture of Abuse Below** 

Please close out now if this image may upset you

Last warning - it's right below.

Ok - on to the story.

I didn't watch the VMA's this past weekend, in fact, I had no idea they were even going on.  I did watch some clips through highlight reels on TV though and this one had my blood boiling.

We all remember this right?  I mean, it wasn't just me who read and saw this right?

That's Rihanna after her then boyfriend finished beating the crap out of her and shoving her out of a moving car.  Yes it's been a few years but does that make it OK?  He's put his tail between his legs and "played nice".  I mean except for the chair throwing incident on Good Morning America.  Yeah, sounds like he's just waiting to explode all over again on someone else.  

So Chris Brown is "forgiven" in Hollywood & with fans.  His music still sells, stations still play his songs and he preforms at the VMA's!  WTF Hollywood!  W.T.F!

I have to say after Beyonce's classy move in 2009 where she brought Taylor Swift on stage after the other D. Bag Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech - I gained much more respect for Beyonce.  She shows what a classy, successful artist is suppose to act like.  And I think she married well because her husband, Jay Z, showed support in a sea of clapping seals.  

That would be Jay Z sitting in stunned silence as the audience around his stood up and CHEERED this abuser for his performance.  F.  That.  Go Jay Z!  Between he and Beyonce, they are one of the more respected couples in my opinion.  

And then, I saw this clip.  After Jay Z performed, Justin Beiber sitting on his rear end, refusing to clap for him because he didn't clap for Chris Brown and he's buddies with Chris Brown.  I'm not a Beiber fan, he's too young for me but I'm not blind to the fact that millions of girls around the country look up to this boy.  And he's supporting a guy (I use that term loosely) who put his hands on a girl, a girl he supposedly loved.  He's friends with an abuser.  

Is that who we want our children to admire?  Someone who thinks it's OK to beat the crap out of people because he doesn't understand other - healthy - ways to take his anger out?  Hellz no!  I would be yanking those posters down from my daughters wall and realizing I need to explain to her what love ISN'T.  It ISN'T accepting the fact that he hit you.  It ISN'T "oh he'll never do it again".  It ISN'T he brought me flowers so he's sorry.  

Oh no sweet child of mine...love is never having to say sorry because you didn't do it in the first place.  

So Mr Beiber, I say this to you - pick better friends.  Who you hang out with and choose to surround yourself with says volumes about who you truly are. 


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