I think I did pretty well this weekend keeping the house clean. It probably helped we were gone for most of the time.

Here is Monday's cleaning schedule.

Do you guys have any tips & tricks to bathroom/bedroom cleaning? Anything you added to your own cleaning list? Something you weren't able to get around to last Monday but hoping to do this Monday?

We learned this weekend that Dayne *adores* sweet potatoes. Usually when we feed him food he'll take the bite and then promptly start sucking his thumb. I figure whatever gets it down right? But Dayne couldn't swallow the food quickly enough before he was opening his mouth for more sweet potatoes! He even complained when he was all out of them. I'm extra excited for Thanksgiving this year, this will be something he'll chow down on with the rest of us! (Before I add the cinnamon and butter to my own of course!)

He cannot stand peas...which I really can't blame him for, I don't like them either. And I gave him squash yesterday, which he took a few bites off and then did the raspberry spit as it all came back out. He stuck his tounge out at me when I came after him with another spoonful of it. Again...I'm not a fan of squash either, but neither is his dad so maybe we'll all just hate squash together?


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