Once upon a time it was easy to read Dayne his bedtime story. I would lay him on his back on the floor, I would lay next to him and we'd look up at whichever book I had picked out from his library. He loved this ritual, kicking and squealing in delight as I immersed us both in the story.

Then one day, our little prince discovered sitting and nothing was the same again. He isn't a fan of laying flat any longer, instead he'll roll over and attempted to sit up. (He is SO close to sitting on his own! I cannot believe it!)

So our bedtime story routine changed, he'll sit in my lap while I read the book. Except now he wants to chew on the book. His little hand will strike out to grab the book from me and he shoves it in his toothless mouth, chewing away.

I thought I had figured out how to outsmart him and was patting myself on the back as I settled into our rocker for the night. I grabbed two books. One for him to chew on and one for me to read. I handed him his chewing book and I opened the book we'd read that night.

Dayne accepted the book offer and promptly shoved it in his mouth. I grinned to myself and opened up the other book. Before I had finished the first sentence, Dayne had snatched the book away from me and shoved that one in his mouth as well. Both hands were white knuckled, holding the books for dear life and he grinned as he drooled all over them.

Can a child have a case of the "MINE" already at 6 months?


WhisperingWriter said...

Yeah, Natalie went through the mines early so it's possible.

Jessica DeWitt said...

I think its a matter of wanting to taste everything. My son does the same thing. He usually just reaches out his hand, sometimes without even looking, grabs something and puts it straight to his mouth. ANYTHING...

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