Yesterday...yesterday I failed.  I came home from work and was STARVING!  So I made a quick sandwich and plopped down in front of the TV to start clearing out the DVR.  At least I was cleaning something right?  I was watching the Next Food Network Star Reuion Show - the one before the announce the winner.  Which was spoiled by Food Network and their darn twitter account!  Don't they know people DVR that show and don't watch it until days later?!

Anyway, I had good intentions of eating, watching 20 minutes of the show and then getting up and cleaning.  Then I looked around the living room and realized, it's pretty clean already....then Jason showed up early with Dayne and that sealed the deal.  No cleaning!  Instead I played on the floor with Dayne as he scooted around the floor and blew raspberries at me.

I will honestly do my best to keep the house clean and stick to the schedule but I also realized I'm willing to let some things slide so I can spend time with my family too.  I'd rather have a pile of dishes in the sink and good, quality time with Dayne than a spotless house each day.  I have been making the bed each morning though.

I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight so I'm sure I probably won't get to this today either BUT maybe I'll do it tomorrow.  Maybe.

  • Dust home office surfaces and objects, including furniture, light fixtures & electronics
  • Empty home office trash bins.
  • Sort through in-boxes; pay bills, file paid bills and paperwork
  • Vacuum home office floor


Fidgeting Gidget said...

We must discuss this said list over dinner....I need to pick up on some of your motivation!

Tarah said...

Ha! You're the reason I'm slacking off again tonight! :D

WhisperingWriter said...

Yeah, my house isn't always clean either. I'd rather spend time with family.

Helene said...

If I took pics of my family room, living room and kitchen right now, it would blow your mind. Everything's such a mess right now and my attitude is that the kids are just gonna make a mess again anyway so might as well blow it off and join them in the fun!!! Those same messes will be there for years to come but the kids won't always be so I think we're all making good choices!

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