Since Dayne made his appearance five months ago, hyper is the last word I would use to describe me.  More like a content tired beyond belief, is it bedtime yet?  I love the reason behind my tired but that doesn't mean I don't dream about getting a deep sleep in, sleeping in and not getting out of bed the next day.  It's not going to happen anytime soon - but I don't mind. 

About a month or so ago I made my yearly appointment with my general practice doctor.  I'd become BFF's with my OBGYN since two lines appeared, I felt guilty neglecting my GP so I called and we set a date.  The office requested I come in a week prior to the appointment for the blood draw for my physical.  No problem. 

I have a rolling vein and I jump at needles.  I once had a nurse give me the look of death when I jumped and ended up yanking the needle from my vein.  So I now give them plenty of warning.  I'm a wimp. 

A week later I'm lounging out in the patient room playing Angry Birds - hey, it's a great time killer and I'm determined to earn three stars on each level.  My goals in life are lofty I know, but at least I aim for something.  The nurse comes in and does the standard temp, blood pressure, weight, height and "anything that concerns you?" speech.  She then hands me a copy of my blood work and says the doctor will be with me in a few minutes. 

Attempting to be pro-active I scan my paperwork, I have no clue what any of it means so I do what anyone would with a smartphone, I look it up.  Can you see where this is heading?

I notice there are two colomns.  One with numbers in it with a header that says "Normal Range" and the other that says "Abnormal Range".  What?  Why do I have numbers in the abnormal range?!  What's wrong with me?!  I spend my time waiting for the doctor checking sites and comparing my numbers. 

When she wanders in ten minutes later I'm pretty sure she's going to tell me I have a month to live.  OK, not really, I'm mostly still confused by the lingo I've found online.  Why can't they speak English?  She sits down and goes over my results.  The only thing she's even concerned about it my thyroid - the numbers point to hyperthyroidism. 

She asks if I've had this symptom or that symptom.  I start nodding and she keeps going down the list.  I sit back after she's done and stare at her in shock.  "I thought that was all because I had just had a baby!"  She explained if my blood numbers weren't where they were - she would agree but labs don't lie.  I then wanted to know where my rapid weight loss was....if there is an upside to this why is that the ONE symptom I don't have?  She laughed and explained I was probably hungry more, therefore eating more and not losing the weight.  Fantastic. 

So they scheduled me for a thyroid scan, which is today and I've been telling myself it's nothing, I'm sure the scan will find nothing.  It went away on its own and I can resume full activities tomorrow.  (I've been benched from raising my blood pressure/heart rate until the scan clears me).  That's the best case.  Worst case - it will require surgery and medication for the rest of my life.  I'm not too worried, I seem to luck out on medical issues.  *Knocks on wood*  So, I sit and watch the clock tick slowly down to "go time".


Samantha said...

WHERE ARE BABY PICTURES?!?!?!? Good luck with the thyroid! They checked mine because of my excessive PP hair loss, but I'm just destined to have bald spots until my horomones level I suppose!

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