We've been so lucky to have Jason's parents watch Dayne for us during the day.  It's a nice money saver but it's even nicer that I 110% trust them to give him nothing but the best.  And he's building a great bond with them.  My MIL makes sure she sends a picture a day to us so it's great to get a smile in my inbox each day. 

Dayne has started to do barrel rolls when you try to change him so my MIL gives him a toy to play with to keep him occupied.  Yesterday he decided it would make a fantastic chew toy. 

Look Ma - no hands!  That would be my son sitting up all on his own.  Something he's very proud to show up to everyone now.  We have yet to get a picture of it but he's also on his hands and knees rocking back & forth.  The books say this isn't suppose to happen yet!  I have a mixture of pride and sadness that he's reaching milestones so early!


Samantha said...

HOLY GEEZ HE'S ADORABLE! T loves sucking on his rubber duckies noses!!! As for the barrell roll we like to call it his aligator death roll :D

IF you're intersted I'd love to be your friend (hahaha sounds so first grade!) on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf#!/profile.php?id=662625542 if you wanna find me!

Amy said...

Hi Dayne! Look at you!!!

Smile Steady said...

I love that he's chewing on a rubber duck- what a cutie!

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