I work full time and have an almost six month old child. Let's just be honest and I'll tell you my house is a disaster zone most of the time. Dishes pile up, laundry sits in the baskets (sorted at least!), the bed isn't made...you know, life gets in the way.

Then I saw Martha Stewart had checklists. I kind of like checklists, OK I love them. I love crossing things off and feeling like "Ahhh...I'm so accomplished". Sometimes I put things on my list I've already done just so I have more items crossed off than not. Tell me you haven't done the same thing.

So I decided to take her lists and sort them so each day during the week I had an area or two to clean. Today is Monday, the first day of my "Let's see if my good intentions will pan out" challenge. I usually have about an hour before Jason gets home with Dayne. So I'll try my best to shove my daily cleaning into one hour.

Today's List:

  • Make the bed
  • Manage clutter - whenever you leave a room, take a quick look around for anything that isn't where it should be.  Pick it up and put it where it belongs.  
  • Sort the mail
  • Clean as you cook.  Instead of filling the sink with pots & dishes , wash them or put them in the dishwasher as you prepare a meal.  
  • Wipe up spills while they're fresh.  
  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Change & launder bath mats, towels, washcloths, bed sheets and pillowcases.
  • Clean toilets, bathtubs, showers and bathroom sinks.
  • Dust bathroom & bedoorm light fixtures & bedroom surfaces & objects, including furniture
  • Empty bathroom & bedroom trash bins & wipe the insides and outsides
  • Vacuum & mop bathroom & bedroom floors
  • Wipe bathroom & bedroom mirrors.  
  • Discard magazines & catalogs on side tables; store or pin those you want to keep
  • Fluff bedroom pillows & comforters.
I had planned on making the bed before I left today but I forgot...so I'll make sure it's one of the first things I do when I get home.  Want to play along?  Let me know how it goes for you! 


Samantha said...

LOVE THIS! I always feel like I'm able to accomplish much more if I have a list outlining what all needs to be done!

Jessica said...

I really want to start something like this. Will you post your other days of the week, and things you think you will do, monthly?


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