Pre Mom Thoughts:  Real food would be a fun transition for both of us.  Dayne would squeal with delight over the new flavor washing over his pallet and eagerly open his mouth for more!  I would bask in awesome motherhoodness and the glow of pure joy over this fun milestone.

Finally Reaching Said Milestone:  I plopped Dayne in his highchair where he promptly arched his back and attempted to do a tuck & roll out of there.  Once he realized he wasn't going anywhere he shoved his thumb in his mouth, which I had to remove in order to latch him in.  I received a look that said "Seriously?" as he started wailing.

I put his plastic bib around his neck and Jason settled in with the scoop of mashed carrots we had decided to start him off with.  I had the camera ready to go.  Dayne spotted the camera and was all smiles, ready to mug for the fans.  When Jason finally got his attention away from me and onto the spoon he opened his mouth and took the orange mush.  And dribbled it right back out.

We tried again and it started pooling on the bib.  Dayne found his thumb again and shoved it back inside his carrot filled mouth.  When Jason brought the spoon closer Dayne turned his head, pulling his thumb from his mouth and over his face which smeared the carrots all over his face and on his eyes.  He blinked through the puree and give another grin, bringing the bib up to his mouth and sucking the leftover carrots.   

He seemed to like the flavor...just not on the spoon.   


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