Life has been stressful lately.  Work is crazy and I feel like I am banging my head on a brick wall at times.  Money is tight as we play catch-up after Jason being out of work for 8 months.  The summer has been difficult to get out and visit friends like we usually do because it's been so hot and I cannot be outside with Dayne when it's 100+° out. 

Today I was feeling the stress & tension build in my shoulders, I gritted my teeth each time the phone rang and did my best to fake the cheerful "Hello!" to my clients.  I thought of the "to-do" list that was slowly growing by the minute, the "to-buy" list that seemed to have more needs than wants all of a sudden.

It was just life, throwing the usual stress on me.  I kept picturing the moment I'd walk out of the door today, go home and meet up with a girlfriend of mine to walk with our kids.  Then I found this story as I was blog surfing.  Warning - it's a major tear jerker so maybe save it until it's safe to cry. 

I read it at work with tears streaming down my face.  Nothing, no amount of stress I was feeling or dealing with can even come close to what that family is going through right now.  They are taking this horrible tragedy and turning it around to bring joy & light into other families eyes. 

I am humbled today by a 4 year old boy named Mason whom I've never met & his wonderful, giving family.  They reminded me instead of stewing in my pity party for one, to instead stop & think about what I can do to make this better. 

Sometimes I need a big 'ol bite of humble pie to remind me how lucky I am. 


Jessica DeWitt said...

I told myself NOT to click on that link... but I did it anyway... I read one page and closed it. You are right, there are plenty of families out there that are under far more stress than we. Thanks for the reminder. =>

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