But I don't really, I just think of that line every time I make meatloaf.  For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, sit down in front of your TV on Christmas Eve and I dare you to not see that movie at least once. 

Yesterday the temps dipped below average - which I have to say was a welcomed change.  We live in Michigan and I know, when we've had 6 straight months of cold to the bones, make your nose hair freeze, take your breath way temperatures with snow snow and more snow....saying "I can't wait for summer!" becomes the tossed around conversation opener.  Until summer is here that is...especially this past summer.  We had the hottest July in history.  Days and days in the 100's!

We don't have central air in our house either, thankfully the previous owners put a wall unit in our bedroom so we can at least sleep at night.  Dayne, who has been sleeping in his nursery since about three months, bunks with us on sweltering nights.  He's  outgrown his bassinet (so long!) so he sleeps in his pack 'n play. 

Anyway - yesterday we didn't get above the low 70's.  It was nice, we all stayed in our PJ's for the day and just hang out inside without needing fans blasting everywhere to stay cool.  I decided it was a great day to use the oven and warm the house up with the smells and the temps.  Lately our meals of choice have been on the grill or sandwiches.  It's just too hot to cook inside! 

I loved putting something together again, chopping, dicing, mixing, tasting.  It's been forever!  Once Dayne arrived I was in too much shock to even feed myself, much less make food for our family.  Then once the shock wore off (AKA baby blues) it was too hot to cook.  So this meatloaf was my first hand at really putting something together in months!  I loved sniffing the air and smelling dinner, I loved seeing Jason gobble up his meal and best of all, I love that I have leftovers for lunch today. 

So it's official, I'm looking forward to fall when I can pull out the bread maker, the slow cooker and the Dutch oven.  Stews, soups, chili, fresh baked bread, meatloaf, slow cooker meals, desserts....comfort food to warm the home and the heart. 

What do you look forward to cooking once the temperatures drop?


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