Dayne is five months today – FIVE months!  He’s reaching milestones that I had read about but pictured a long way off.

He’s rolling around to get to where he wants to be.  He can sit up with help and if he plants his hands on the ground, he can steady himself.  In fact he doesn’t enjoy laying down much anymore since he figured out he can sit.  We still use the infant tub and were commenting that he’s getting too long for it now.  Several baths ago he struggled to sit up since we bath him on the recline. We figured out it’s meant for sitting too, so now he takes joy in reaching for bath toys and splashing around.

He has gotten on his hands and knees a few times and rocked back & forth, I know he’s going to start putting all these movements together sooner than I thought and crawl away.

He’s swiping at our food when we’re eating, he opens & closes his mouth like he’s trying to copy us when we chew.  He babbles and lets out lots of squeals of delight.

We’ve started on cereal with him and yesterday we did our first “real” food with him, carrots.  He’s quickly putting his “babyhood” behind him and growing into a little boy.  He puts weight on his legs if you hold him up, he loves to bounce in that position too.  He’s been using his excersaucer, fascinated with the toys and the fact that he can swivel and bounce in that as well.

His hair is covering up the bald spots he earned when he was a back sleeper – ever since he figured out how to roll over he’s been a tummy sleeper.  He likes to know what’s going on and when you carry him will twist around until he can see forward.  He grabs things, pulls things, shoves everything in his mouth.

He’s never been content to sit still for long, if you’re holding him you cannot sit down, you must be moving at all times because HE wants to move.  Jason & I need to seriously babyproof our house soon – we’ve been putting it off because it seemed so far away.  And now, it seems like it was just yesterday we were bringing him home.

I’m really starting to see who Dayne is going to be, his personality is really starting to shine through.  He’s a happy-go-lucky, easy-going, on the move, ready for a new adventure kind of kid.  My heart bursts with love I never knew existed for someone, the unconditional, I’ll move solar systems to do anything for you, lift cars off you, protect you until my dying breath, love.  I had heard about it, expected it.  But this love takes your breath away when it finally sets in.

I miss our yesterdays, I treasure our todays and I look forward to our tomorrows.


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