Hey Readers of The Ever After, my mommy let me write this post today, she wanted to know what things I'm loving lately. I know, I'm super advanced. Just ask my mom, she'll be sure to tell you.

Nuk bottles.  My mom has another line of bottles that neither of us is too thrilled with.  We still use them but it's a gamble every time if it's going to leak all over us.  These bottles have never leaked and they have an airflow system and the orthondontic nipple promotes healthy teeth formation. 

My exersaucer.  I LOVE jumping and this bounces when my parents unlock the legs!  If you pull on those dangly toys music happens!  I love to squeal along with it.  There is plenty to chew on as well, the little turtle is my favorite.  I love that the toys can come off the exersaucer so when I'm playing on the ground I can take my toys with me. 

Since I've been sleeping through the night, that means no diaper changes until I get up.  For a while there I would wake up crying because my diaper had leaked!  Not very comfortable at 2 in the morning!  I'm so glad my mom found these diapers, since we've been using them no more leaks overnight!  I think mom & dad are happy they found them too because we're all back to sleeping through the night...for now.

This mesh teether thing is pretty awesome.  My mom & dad put frozen fruits inside for me to gnaw on when I want to chew.  My second tooth is right below the surface and chewing on something cold sure feels good on the gums!  My favorite is frozen banana and frozen grapes.  My grandma put a frozen raspberry in it once.  It was great but it made a mess!

What do you mean what is that?  It's a TOY!  It's my favorite toy, of course I have confiscated it from our cat and claimed it as my own.  It's her crinkle bag, it sounds like a giant plastic bag when you grab it.  I could be crawling behind the chair again like my mom & dad don't like me doing, all I have to hear is the crinkle of this toy and I'm backing out in a hurry!  It makes me laugh when I slap it like a drum and hear the crinkle over & over.  I'm sure our cat doesn't mind sharing....right?

I love my drum!  I don't have to hit it very hard to make music and light up so it keeps me entertained for a while.  I can learn my ABC's, 123's, follow the leader and 'freestyle'.  I love making it light up!  Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with drums!

My mobile - it's one of my favorite things to help me unwind.  I love to watch it as I drift off to sleep.

I hope that helped other moms with ideas for their kids.  What do your kids like to play with?  I'm told I need to write a letter to Santa to request things for Christmas.



Anonymous said...

Good choice on the cat toy! My daughter, Ruby, loves cat toys too! I think she plays with them more than the cats themselves! She also loves wipes, receipts, and these blocks (http://tinyurl.com/3lz79k9)!

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