Jason, Dayne & I were chilling out in the living room last night. Jason perched in his usual throne of the recliner, I was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch and Dayne was banging his hand on every toy he could find. I picked up a book and called him over to me in hopes of starting the calming down ritual before bed.

At the sound of his name he pivoted around and started crawling towards me babbling "mama mama mama". My heart stopped and I glanced over at Jason who was now on the edge of his seat staring at Dayne with his jaw open as well.

"He did just say..."

"Yeah...he did...that was mama" he confirmed

I have to admit my heart swelled up as he sat grinning at me, slamming his hand on his book I had put down.

"Say it again, say mama!" I prompted.

He puffed out his cheeks and then blew raspberries and spit everywhere.

"Mama" I tried again


"Maaaaa maaaaa" I drew out


Jason scoped Dayne up and rested him on his lap.

"Dada?" he looked hopeful

Dayne grinned at Jason and patted his chest as if to say "That's you."

Does Dayne know that mama means me? Do I care? He said "mama" clear as day as he was making his way over to me. I'll take it.


Samantha said...

You lucky lady!!!! We heard DADA for about a week and now just more jibberish :(

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