It's amazing how much changes in ten years and yet it seems like just yesterday I was climbing down from my loft bed in my dorm at college.  I turned on the TV to get updated on the weather as I got dressed for class.  I stopped and fell into the seat in front of the TV with my jaw on the ground.  I watched as the second plane hit the second tower live on TV and heard the reporters chock back sobs of emotions, trying to continue the report.

I raced out into the hallway and saw that everyone in our building had clustered around the big screen TV in the common area.  I stood beside someone I had never met before and felt a hand grab mine as the tears fell.  That day, we were not strangers, we were Americans.  We were no longer too busy to meet a strangers eye, or offer a quick smile, or say hello.  Those few days after 9/11 I remember the "oneness" I felt with everyone.

I would pass people on campus and our eyes would meet, smiles would be exchanged.  People spoke to others more freely, more openly.  We were all facing the same tragedy, hurting the same hurt, crying the same tears.  Ten years have passed, I've started working my first "career" instead of a job, I met my husband, I got married, I had our son, I've made new friends and lost track of old ones.

But no matter how much time passes, every detail of that moment will forever be etched in my memory.  We will never forget all those who died that day.


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