The only real decorating we do around our house is for Christmas, Jason makes me wait until at least Thanksgiving has passed before I'm allowed to break open the totes and start the process of unpacking the Christmas decor and packing up the everyday life decor.

I always said when we had kids, I wanted to make sure there was at least something festive for each holiday going on.  I couldn't tell you a reason as to why I have this goal, just that I do.  I want to make holidays special and help make childhood memories they'll carry through their life.  Now that life has started to settle down a bit, I'm ready to start making this goal a reality.

For Halloween, I found a few items I'd like to try and make.  I've never been a big crafter, I don't scrapbook or sew or knit.  In fact, I really don't remember when (if ever) the last time I made something (I mean, besides food or a baby).

We have a wreath on our kitchen wall that we put up one fall years ago.  It's made of fall colored leaves and berries.  Very cute but it is up year round.  Each year we keep saying we need to change it out for at least the seasons but it's only ever been talk.  I found this tutorial on this blog and figured that looked easy enough.  I might do two, one for our front door and one to replace the wreath hanging in the kitchen. 

I saw this frame and thought it was really cute & then realized it was a DIY!  I thought it was a great idea for Halloween pictures each year.  She used green, which is awesome but I thought purple & orange would work well too.  Plus you can change up the lettering to "Boo!" or something else along those lines.  I may a few of these to have around the house!

I love this idea, it's scrapbook paper, glue & Halloween embellishments!  Very simple and something you can customize to your style via the paper!  I think this would be fun to hang up on one of our walls, maybe by the door?

In this tutorial they explain how to make the white ball the spiders are crawling out of but I think it would be easier & cooler to use a white paper lantern.  That way you don't have to make the ball and you could have it light up at night too.  Very spooky and a little creepy, I'll give you that.  

I saw this article and the "Why didn't I think of that" line popped into my head.  Unlike my husband, I'm not artistically gifted.  My pumpkins, left to my own devices, would be the standard eyes, nose and a crooked mouth.  With some blood for cool effect....even if that was my blood from using a knife trying to carve a pumpkin.  But cookie cutters and a rubber mallet?  That's more my speed!  

Have you made anything for Halloween?  Do you have any Halloween crafts you're thinking of doing?  Any ideas of stuff to add to my list?  I hope to do a follow up post where I actually follow through on these ideas!


Jessica DeWitt said...

LOVE! I think I might do the letters with scrapbook paper.. you know in my "spare time."

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