Dear Dayne,

Six months feels like forever & like no time at all.  Six months ago I was begging the doctors to squeeze me in for an induction instead of bumping me to the waiting list.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  Six months ago I swore I was having a girl and when your dad tearfully announced you were a boy, I lay in shock on the bed trying to digest that fact.  When I was finally able to hold you and look in your eyes, I couldn't imagine anyone other than you being my child.

You have grown so much in such a short span of time.  You went from being frustrated because you could no longer easily suck your thumb (poor hand/mouth coordination) to being the cutest thumb sucker I've ever seen.  I'm biased but I'll always think you're the most adorable, amazing, handsome boy on earth.  You're eating "solid" food now, we're introducing you to all these wonderful flavors.  Some you love (sweet potatoes) and some you spit right back out (peas).  Yesterday your first tooth finally broke the surface!  You really are growing up!

You're starting on your sippy cup this month, you like that it has handles because this means you can hold on to it yourself and so it's easier to throw.  You don't like so much that it's not as easy as a bottle to use, you loose interest pretty quickly.  You're so curious about the world around you, whenever you see an animal your eyes light up and you strain to reach out and touch them.

We've moved you from your infant seat to the "big boy" seat as we've dubbed it.  You quickly outgrew the height restrictions for it, I think you enjoy the freedom of the "big boy" seat more anyway.  You've been sitting up easily on your own for some time now, your newest triumph is sitting up from the crawling position.

People ask what type of baby you are and it's easy to sum it up in one word "Happy".  You love to smile, to laugh, to giggle.  You love meeting new people and trying new things.  When you are nervous or scared or unsure you bury your face in my neck and latch on.  It melts my heart to know that you know I will always be there to protect you.

You love to make people laugh already, when you notice we're cracking up over a noise, a face or an action, you are sure to repeat it over & over again until we're rolling.  You are such a joy to those around you and I'm so blessed you were chosen to be ours.  I love seeing your eyes flutter shut at night and seeing your head pop up with a grin first thing in the morning.

I love figuring out your quirks, like you don't enjoy sleeping in silence, and knowing what your cries mean (I'm bored, change me, feed me, I'm tired).  I love having people tell me how handsome you are, what a well tempered child you and and what a beautiful, easy smile you have.  I love it, because it's true and I love that others see it as well.

May your life always be filled with smiles and laughter no matter what obstacles may pop up in your path.  As long as you have a good heart, humor and family, you can get through anything.



Samantha said...

I LOVE all of the pictures!!! He is too cute and such a growing little guy :D

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