Our mornings during the week are hectic.  Both Jason & I have to get ready for work and get Dayne ready at the same time.  To save time, I've started showering at night and letting my hair air dry, then straighten it in the morning.  I'll get up about 10 minutes before Jason, get dressed, brush my teeth, do my makeup and then I'll grab Dayne from his crib.

I usually plop on the bed, turn the news on and catch up on the headlines while I'm feeding his his bottle.

This morning I was doing that routine when I felt Dayne's hand on my cheek.  I looked down at him sucking away on his bottle and his forehead was creased, almost confused looking.  To me, it looked like he was saying "Hey mom, we don't get to spend much time together during the week.  Instead of watching the news, how about you look at me?"

Of course he could have also been saying "Wow mom....couldn't you do your hair before you wake me up?  Look presentable already!"

But it was a moment I won't forget, a moment where I remembered I need to live in each moment instead of rushing to the next one.  Dayne won't be small forever, someday he won't need me to wake him up and get him breakfast.  I know how quickly time is already flying, Dayne was just reminding me why I fought so hard to finally hold him in the first place.


Jessica DeWitt said...

That's so sweet. Little boys are great.

Samantha said...

Love this! Many times I find myself on my phone or watching TV while T is nursing and I have to remind myself to cherish this while I can because before I know it he will be too busy for me :D

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