Dayne has slowly (who am I kidding, at the speed of light) been getting taller & taller.  Two weeks ago I put him in his infant seat and realized his head was just starting to pass the safety point.  I knew he wouldn't last a year in it, I was hoping we'd reach six months at least.  We're close!  He's almost six months, but most of all I wanted him to be able to sit on his own so I could put him in the cart and in highchairs since his seat will no longer be mobile.

He's been sitting on his own for a good month now so I felt more comfortable pulling the trigger.  We strolled into Babies 'R Us and started looking at the convertible car seats.  When I had it narrowed down to two I realized there was a row & a half hiding around the corner.  *too many choices!*  We finally ended up with the Babies "R" Us by Safety 1st Aquos 65 Convertible Car Seat.  We bought one for Jason's parents since they watch Dayne during the week, and one for us to move back & forth between cars.

It's not the 3-in-1 I had hoped for originally but when we put Dayne in it he started sucking his thumb and snuggled up to the headrest, closed his eyes and attempted to fall asleep.  This could be because it was close to his bedtime, but he didn't do that in any of the other seats we put him in.  The price was right (love the 20% off coupons!) so we grabbed it.  Later that night Jason put the seat in his car and reported back it wasn't going to be easy moving between the cars, there was a lot involved.  *grumbles*

So we'll go back in a few weeks and buy the one I really liked but we couldn't see buying two at the same time just yet.  That one will stay in my car and it is the 3-in-1 so hopefully that's the last seat he'll need.

When I put him in it this morning on his way to Grandma & Grandpa's, he looked like such a big boy!  He even looked a little confused about this new seating situation but happy.  This thing is like a plush arm chair that you would have in your living room.  I'd love to ride around in that!  It's comfy!

So now it's a new world of remembering if I brought the car/highchair cover with me when we go out, making sure the stroller is in the car and putting the infant seat in storage until #2.  Hopefully s/he uses it a big longer than Dayne!


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