Dear Wish Fairy,

For my wish I would love it if we could afford to hire a housekeeper. Someone who will do our laundry like an adult. You know, sorting things by color and water temperature along with hand washing, hanging to dry and/or ironing. Then fold items like they belong in a store or hang them neatly in the closets, ready for the next wear.

Someone who will do the dishes and not let them become a mountain in the sink and the along the counter. A housekeeper who will put heavy objects back in the high cabinets (why did the builder not think to make storage for big items below instead of insisting everything should be stored above my head?) so they don't pile up on our limited counter space. 

I would love for this person to dust on a weekly basis, vacuum all three levels thoroughly, dust the cobwebs out of our 500 foot ceiling and mop that horrible kitchen floor we are stuck with.  It would be great if s/he also swept up the laundry room so that our cat's litter wasn't spread everywhere all the time.

I need someone who will clean the toilet and the showers more often than I get around to them.  Someone who remembers to change the sheets, flip the mattress topper and buy new pillows every so often.

Cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the floors, toilets and showers/tubs.  Rinsing out the sink, wiping down the counters and mirrors.  Someone who will vacuum the doorwall tracks, light candles to make the house smell fresh and keep the fridge clean.

They wouldn't have to but it would be great if this person cleaned the windows inside & out.  Screens would be an extra bonus.  

Wish Fairy, I want my house to look pretty all the time instead of looking like a bomb went off.  I'd like to open my closet and see clothes to wear instead of empty hangers and trying to figure out how to stay warm in a short sleeve shirt when the high is going to be 55. 

I'd like my files to be organized so when I need to find something I know where it is instead of tearing apart five boxes it might be in only to find it in my junk drawer when I frantically shoved everything in there to make the room look clean.

This person should also keep a running list of items we're low on so I don't return home after a shopping trip to discover I should have grabbed a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of face wash.

Because instead of doing these things myself on a regular basis, I come home and try to squeeze as much time in as I can with Dayne before he's ready for bed.  I roll around on the floor that needs to be vacuumed (and steam cleaned!), I bounce around outside with him as we watch the sun creep across the sky, getting lower and lower. 

I feed Dayne and then leave his highchair in the middle of the kitchen so we can get back to playing.  I join in on the scattering of toys as he reaches for a new one every five minutes.  I change his diaper, pull on his PJs and toss his clothes into a pile to be washed "later".  I snuggle with him as we rock back and forth reading a book I then let sit on the side table until I sweep through to put it back days later.

Then when that's all done, I plop down on the couch next to my husband, cuddle with him, yawn through our conversations and stumble up to bed, falling asleep before my head hits the pillow.  Only to do it all over again.

As for our weekends?  Well those are days for family time and exploring and running around with friends.  For taking pictures and making memories and laughter.  Wish Fairy, I don't have time to be Martha Stewart so I need you to send someone who does.

Thanks for taking my wish into consideration,



Helene said...

When the Wish Fairy is done granting your wish, could you kindly send her my way????

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