I've been needing to get my haircut for a while now but something always comes up. I'm tired, we're short on cash, I would rather hang out with friends than sit in a chair for an hour...you know...life. Plus I'm somewhat terrified to have "the talk" with my hairdresser. Due to a few changes coming up, we're tightening the belt big time (more on that story later). Which means...no more professional coloring at the salon.

Oh yeah, my roots are showing too. Ha.

Sooooooo, I have to ask my stylist while batting my eyelashes if she could recommend a great at home coloring system that doesn't cost an arm & a leg and hope I don't hurt her feelings. I'm sure she'll understand, and it's only for a while - hopefully just around a year. When Jason & I were discussing areas to cut costs he brought up my salon bill. I about choked on the gasp I took in! Color my hair? At home? Myself?! Is he CRAZY?!

He said he'd help me do it. This tidbit intrigued me just enough to seriously consider trying it. Then he said he'd quit smoking. Jackpot.

I'll color my hair at home if he kicks his lung cancer habit. He spends the same amount in cigarettes in 14 weeks as I do for a coloring every 6-8 weeks. (Well that's how often I should be coloring it. What really happens is like three months go by and I wander in with my tail between my legs and receive the lecture from my stylist.)

When I brought the subject of quitting smoking up again the other day he had a million & one reasons as to why he could justify it still. Then he stopped and admitted he wasn't sure if he was ready to quit yet and realized he was justifying it. So if he stops smoking, I'll buy a box 'o color off the shelf and give it a whirl. Any brand suggestions? Tips? Tricks? I'm an at home coloring virgin!!

But as far as cutting my hair - I'll leave that to the professionals. Here are two ideas I'm kicking around:

 I've gone short before and I hated it.  Every.Single.Time.  So I'm not quite sure why I'm entertaining the idea of two short hair styles again.  The top one isn't too short, but Jennifer's style is shorter than I usually venture.  It looks great on her but would it work on me?  Would I take one look in the mirror and say:

"Frick.  Why did I attempt short again?"

Or will it work?


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