The real reason people have kids is so you can dress them up in costumes for Halloween and everyone 'oohs' and 'ahhs' over them. People who say otherwise are lying. To you or themselves. Or both.

I was flipping through one of the hundreds of catalogs companies send you as soon as the pee hits the home pregnancy test. It's like they embedded a chip in there with your location. I swear, as soon as you see that second line your mailbox throws up magazines, catalogs, baby food samples and the like.

I as I'm flipping through this catalog, earmarking pages of things I want Dayne needs wants, I come across the Halloween costume section.  I was like a puppy being shown a new toy, my entire body was shaking with excitement.  This year I would finally be able to tote our child around in an overpriced, only going to be used once, costume that would have people stopping and commenting on "how cute!" he is.

I started pointing out costume after costume to Jason who finally stopped me and said we would not be dressing Dayne up like an animal.  Which meant the turkey and duck were a no go.  Jason suggested the astronaut or Yoda.

No way!  Those were costumes I could see Dayne requesting himself in the next few years, this would probably be the only Halloween we had control of his choice.  I wanted something he would never pick once he figured out he had a choice in the matter.

Then I saw it.  The most adorable costume ever.

I must have it!  Once I got Jason to finally let go of the Yoda idea I ordered this bad boy.

I came home from work yesterday and there it was, just waiting.  I opened the bag, fluffed the fur, felt the inside of the costume to make sure it would be comfortable.  Then I turned my attention to Dayne.  I plopped him down in my lap and put his foot in one of the monster feet slippers.

I glanced up at Jason to watch his face as Dayne stared at his now blue foot.  We watched as he tilted his head to the side, wiggled his foot around and then proceeded to lean forward and shove his slipper in his mouth.

"Don't try it on yet, let's wait for Halloween so it's 'special'."  Jason requested.

Instead I pulled the slipper off and held up the bodysuit up to Dayne for him to inspect.  His face lit up, he started clapping and gave us his "cheesy" grin where he squints his eyes and gives us a wide grin.  Then he started cracking up.  Which in turn made us laugh and this made Dayne laugh even harder.

I'm guessing he likes our choice.

I didn't try it on Dayne but that didn't stop me from shoving my head in the hood and walking around the house with it.  Who says kids get all the fun?


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