I've always been a fan of most fruits & vegetables - I even tried brussel sprouts last week for the first time in years at my in-laws house.  I loved them!  Who knew roasting them made them taste good?  I do my best to keep fresh fruits & vegetables in the house at all times to encourage both my husband & I to snack on those instead of chips or candy.

But we're a busy family and sometimes when we're up for that orange or avocado it's been...a little too long.  You reach in the crisper drawer and come out with a overripe food that you have zero interest in eating.  Toss it in the garbage, along with the money it cost.   

Right now in Michigan it's apple season.  We are so lucky to have so many apple orchards around us, my absolute favorite apple ever is now in prime season.  The Honeycrisp apple.  If you've yet to try this perfect gem of the apple family you are missing out.  I love to buy them in bulk because I eat one about everyday when they're in season.
 I hate to know that I might lose out on these wonderful apples because they sit too long in our fridge so I was very excited to hear about BluApples solution!  Using the BluApple, you can extend the useful storage life of your produce up to three times longer.  Ethylene gas is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables as a signaling mechanism in order to coordinate uniform ripening. However, once concentrated in your refrigerator or other storage areas, the presence of ethylene gas continues to speed up ripening and hasten spoilage.
 This means our good intentions of trying to eat better result in throwing money away which can discourage you from purchasing fruits & vegetables in the future!  Not good!

American households throw out 25% of produce purchased - because it has gone bad, tossing out an average of $600 of food per year per family, according an eight year USDA funded study.  $600!!!  Think of all the food you could buy with that $600 you're just mindlessly tossing away!

The Bluapple does not release any gas or chemical, but only absorbs, constantly removing this harmful gas from your produce storage area.  The Bluapple is not a "magic" pill, but a scientific and essential part of keeping produce fresh. 

There are three key elements to long produce life: a) temperature - keeping produce cold; b) humidity - using vented plastic bags to keep a moist, but not wet environment; c) ethylene gas management - using the Bluapple.  Disruption of any one of these elements will cause premature spoilage.

I tried the BluApple out in our fridge for a month, keeping an eye on how quickly the items were ripening.  I am so happy & thrilled to say it works!  My apples didn't start to have those ugly bruises, our bell peppers didn't have puckering of the skin.  Our avocados weren't turning brown.

For something so small this little apple packs a huge punch to your wallet - in the best way possible!  I love being able to open our produce drawers and feel confident our food is ripe.  Buying fruits & vegetables in bulk no longer sends me into a debate, save money because it's in bulk or risk tossing half of the items away because they'll overripe before we eat them.

With the holidays right around the corner (I know, it's causing my heart to flutter a little too) this is a great stocking stuffer or holiday add on for that foodie friend or family member.  That mom who is also juggling a busy schedule while trying to keep her family eating healthy.  

Do you have questions?  BluApple has a great page of FAQ's that answer a ton of the questions I had in easy to read format.  I didn't feel like I was reading a scientific explanation of why the BluApple works, I felt like my friend was telling me why I should invest in this guy!

Still not sure if this is something that will work for you & your family?  BluApple offers a money back guarantee, which they are proud to honor.  So what do you have to lose besides the food & money you keep throwing away each month!


You can buy BluApple at Whole Foods Markets, Giant Foods, Stop & Shop, and many others.  To find out where to buy near you BluApple encourages you to email them at with the city you live in so they can help point you in the right direction.  Of course you can also order from their site as well!


I'm so pleased to have BluApple partner up with us in our first Holiday Blog Extravaganza!  Three of you lucky readers will be BluApple owners yourself, and believers!  Drawing ends at 12:01 AM on Tuesday November 22st. I’ll draw the winner, via, on Tuesday, November 22nd. I will send an email to the winner & you will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Please be sure to read the rules!

Use the Rafflecopter form below. If you don't see it - click on the title of this post. Otherwise email me at tarah716[at] for instructions on how to enter.

I wasn't paid or swayed to write this post, I was sent the above mentioned products and asked to provide an open and honest review and giveaway!


slb3334 said...

bananas and apples.

Dawn said...

I try to keep apples, bananas and grapes on hand.

Rebecca Graham said...

Apples, pears, grapes.

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

Selinda said...

I try to keep grapes and broccoli on hand all the time!


selinda_mccumbers at

Anonymous said...

We always have carrots in the fridge.

Mary C.
ighmeg at yahoo dot com

KPort207 said...


kport207 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I keep a lot of fruit on hand, pineapple, melon of some kind and almost almost always bananas.


sksweeps said...

I try to keep apples and bananas on hand all the time for quick, easy and healthy snacks

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

lisaray said...

I keep apples, bananas, oranges and baby carrots.

Chisum Crew said...

Avocados, bananas and apples. trinitygsd at yahoo dto ocm

Stacy said...

As a vegan, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, so I always have lettuce/spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, edamame, and apples on hand at all times.

the imagine tree at aol dot com

Melissa Shirley said...

I always have carrots and celery in my fridge!

bbrittbrat1398 said...

I always have an apple with me at all times.

Jenn S. said...

We try and have apples , bananas and grapes on hand at all time.

Karli said...

I try to keep bananas apples & spring mix salad at home.

dddiva said...

We always keep a variety- baby spinach, lettuces, carrots, snow peas, celery, apples, grapefruit, lemons, limes, tangerines etc.
Sherry Conrad
discriminating_diva at yahoo dot com

amy16323 said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I got your email that I won. I've replied twice but I don't know if you received them. I hope so because I really look forward to trying the BluApples in my fridge!


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